Tanweer el Heiz

A village located 410 Km south west of Cairo, 40 Km south of Bahareya Oasis where 3300 People living in 550 homes in 17 hamlets scattered within a 14 Km radius. The most interesting archeological sites are an early Christian church, dedicated to St. George and· Qasr Masuda and the remains of a Roman fortress. The “Hayazeya” (People of el hayz) rely mainly on cultivating the land for income and the main crops are Dates, Water Melon and Figs. They sell the crop once a year and use the money all year round. Location of el Heiz


The Project

Tanweer el Heiz aims at installing solar home systems in the village. Funded by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, Piraeus Bank, the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, Amaak Petroleum and many individual donors as well as our Rotary Club, Rotaract Club of Cairo installed solar home systems for 59 families in el Heiz. During the last weekend of 2012 a group of us went to elHeiz to check the houses and lay the cornerstone for our project. We got a small taste of how life would be without electricity, which made us more eager to not only finish, but expand our project. Our initial plan was to install 3 houses every weekend; due to our enthusiasm and love of this project we installed solar panels on the roof tops of 9 houses during the last weekend of December, and we awaited the batteries to arrive. When it was finally time for the batteries to arrive, to be assembled to the system we could finally operate the solar home systems. As we arrived on our fifth visit we found all the team gathered proudly in one house where the battery had been installed. The lights were on in the middle of the day and the owner was proud! We were briefed on how to install the batteries. After that we were divided into two teams, a team responsible for installing the batteries and in charge of assembling electrical boxes in the houses of "Ein Gom3a" and another team was assigned to check once again on the wires of the modules to shorten cables to the minimum so as not to be affected later on by the wind or any other external factors.

The happiness and watery eyes of the "Hayazeya" people when we installed each house gave us a great push and will to finish all the houses on time. Nothing feels better than the happiness you bring to someone's life. Nothing makes you proud more than changing someone's life. We changed the life of more than 200 villagers and brought life, light and smiles on the faces of residents of 35 homes. Not to forget that it’s just the first step, we won’t stop until all Heiz lives in the light.

During our one of our visits to Heiz the Hayazeya were not only hosting us, they were also gladly receiving Canadian Consul Stephen Randall and Canada Fund Coordinator Rami Lotfy. Consul Randall and Mr. Lotfy visited El Heiz to ensure the completion of the project, as the Canada Fund financed 19 houses. They spent the day visiting the houses, checking out the solar structures built on the houses’ roof tops and inspecting the internal wiring system and the batteries. At the end of the day, the Hayazeya delighted us all with a delicious meal and a musical night. The Canadian delegation was quite impressed with the work done in the village and how involved the Hayazeya are. Consul Randall described the project as a great example to "what can be done with not that much money, but with a great deal of energy”. This visit to El Heiz, marked the completion of the first phase of our “Tanweer El Heiz” project. The real reward to our efforts was seeing those houses lit, and listening to Hayazeya express how different life is without darkness! We are looking forward to more funding to brighten up the lives of hundreds more living in the remaining 550 homes in El Heiz

Rotaract Club of Cairo Royal was very proud that our project “Tanweer El Heiz” won Africa’s Rotaract Outstanding Project Award for this year! This award was only possible through the collaboration of Rotaractors, sponsors, friends and Hayazeya (people of El Heiz), who succeeded in installing solar panels to 35 homes in the remote village of El Heiz, 40km away from Bahareya Oasis in Egypt’s desert.

A very special thanks to our sponsors More about the project:
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