Our Members

Abdallah Tawfic
Profession: Architect/ LEED Green Associate
Position: Member (since September 2012)

Abdallah, one of our favorite Architects, graduated from Cairo University in 2007, worked in some multinational companies like Dar Al Handassah, EHAF and Palm Hills. He worked on a lot of mega projects in the MENA region. He is a LEED green associate and is passionate about environmental issues. He is now a masters student in Hafencity university, Hamburg , Germany. Abdallah is fit and he loves sports; squash, soccer, tennis and jogging. He joined Rotaract long time ago in 2007 but rejoined in 2012 after the revolution to work for the sake of the country.
Ahmed AboulEla
Profession: Key Account Advisor
Position: Member (since April 2014)

Ahmed works as a key accounts advisor at Medmark Health & Life, a medical insurance company in which he foresees clients’ satisfaction with the company's services. He graduated from Modern Sciences and Arts University (MSA) in 2009, majoring in International Business & Marketing.  All water related activities are Ahmed's favorite thing to do, besides that he also enjoys boxing, mountain biking, kite surfing, watching movies and playing games on his PlayStation. Ahmed joined Rotaract in December 2013 after a talk with his friend and charter member Dina Gazayerli, to make a better Egypt through serving his community.
Ahmed Nabil
Profession: Sustainability Development Officer
Position: Founder and Charter President (September 2007)

Ahmed is truely the godfather of this club, as charter persident, Billy has alwasy been the backbone. He has held several posts on a club and distirct level and has contributed to founding the Mediterranean Mulit-District Information Organization. This is fully in line with his love for international understanding and peace promotion.
Aicha Masralli
Profession: Bio-Technology
Position: Member (since June 2013)

Aicha Massrali loves basketball, cycling and traveling. She joined Rotaract because she sympathized with mentally challenged kids and that was when she first heard of Rotaract during the World Down Syndrome Day event.  She enjoys music and movies. Tanweer El Heiz was her favorite project.
Arpi Khatcherian
Profession Pharmacist, Teacher, Radio Presenter
Position: Member (November 2012)

Pinned by the District Governor himself, Arpi has shown great dedication to the club. Although current turmoil had to keep her away from some meetings, she was always eager to grab initiatives herself and lead on projects and raising awareness on water scarcity and the harms of smoking.
Aya el Kady
Profession Accountant
Position:  Past President 2011/2012 (Member since September 2008)

Aya has joined Rotaract Cairo Royal in 2008 and assumed presidency in the year 2011/2012, where she lead the club on organizing a RYLA, which has become one of her favorite projects. Aya studied accounting at the American University in Cairo and is now working at the Commercial International Bank. Aya's artistic talent is expressed in her handmade jewelry, while her sporting activities were badminton in the past, she has found her passion for horses and started horseback riding. Aya's talents are also extended to the kitchen, where she masters the art of cooking and baking.
Bassem el Sawy
Profession: Student of Economics
Position: President 2015/2016 (Member since 2011)

Bassem El Sawy, a genius that has the spirit of a fighter, studies Economics in Misr University for Science & Technology and dreams that some day he will represent Egypt as an Ambassador in the UN. He's passionate about open water swimming and spent most of his life competing under the category of 15 kilometers races. He likes listening to almost all genres of music, watching all kinds of documentaries and following on the latest updates in women and men fashion. He's got a taste for relaxation and wishes to live in a house on the cliff of a mountain that views the endless blue sea. As a student, he had a lot of spare time that he decided to use in self development of personnel skills and community services. and that's when Nadine Aboul Magd introduced him to Rotaract and since then he's been doing a great deal out of it.
Dina el Gazayerli
Profession: Business Analyst
Position: Founder

The heart and soul of Rotaract Cairo Royal, with prolly the biggest simle in this club. Always in a good mood and with fresh ideas, Dina has excelled in raising funds for most of the clubs projects, even when totally busy at work. Dina has seen the club grow from its charteting and has grown with it.
Hoda el Enbaby
Profession: Economic Analyst
Position: Past President 2013/2014 (Member since 2011)

After finishing her Master Degree from LSE, she rejoined Rotaract Cairo Royal, engaging in many projects, to ultimately lead the club during the year 2013/2014 under the theme: Engage Rotary Chainge Lives. During that year she initiated Maktabti Project, a life skills and learning programme for orphaned girls.
Hosny Diab
Profession: Geologist
Position: Secretary 2015/2016, (Member since January 2014)

With high recommendations from one of our favourite partner clubs in serivce, Rotaract Club of Alexandria Cosmopolitan, Hosny joined the Rotaract Cairo Royal. Originally from Alexandria, he brings a maritime flair to the club as well as an appreciated diversity in terms of professions.
Hussein Fakih
Profession: Environmental Engineer
Position: Member (since January 2014)

Always introducing himself as Hussein the Lebanese, he brings a middle eastern touch to the meetings, While keen on professionalism and organization during the meetings, Hussein also excels at having fun, so if you are in Cairo and up for a party he is the one to call.
Laila Kenawy
Profession: Product Development Consultant
Position: Vice President 2015/2016, Past President 2012/2013 (Member since October 2009)

Laila is one of the amazing members of Rotaract Cairo Royal . Laila joined the club in 2009 and became the president for the year 2012/2013. Having graduated from a German School and a German University, studying agricultural business, developed her strong character. Laila is a very talented young woman. She is great cook and artist and has a special place in her heart for cows and chocolate.  Last but not least, she is currently working at UNIDO.
Lamia Arafa
Profession: Graphic Designer
Position: Member (since February 2013)

Lamia works in advertising agency as a graphic designer. She graduated from GUC faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts. She knew about Rotaract form her sister Menna Arafa and liked the idea of volunteering in social awareness projects, next march she's gone complete one year as a member. Nutella is her favorite dessert. Her favorite project is her graduation project that talks about signage system. She likes travelling so that she can explore different cultures and at last hand crafts and drawing are considered to be her favorite hobbies
Karim A. S.
Profession: Student of  Communication Engineering
Position Member (since November 2010)

Karim joined Rotaract in November 2010, and became an official member in February 2011. He knew about Rotaract from his cousin, but then got the chance to learn about Cairo Royal's activities from Billy, one of our co-founders. His very first project was an orphanage visit with Cairo Royal, which he was so excited about becase it was his first time to visit an orphanage. Karim is doing his masters now in Information and Communication Engineering at TU Darmstadt. He is now a guest in Rotaract Club Frankfurt am Main. Karim enjoys traveling, backpacking and playing the violin. He is actually part of TU Darmstadt Orchestra.
Karim el Mofty
Profession: Dentist
Position: Member (since June 2013)

Karim graduated from dentistry in 2009, and is now doing his masters in Canada. He worked as a general dentist until 2011, when he claimed pediatric dentistry as his specialty, to pursue his passion for kids and public health. Meanwhile the multitalented Karim studied business, worked in farming, organized conferences and learned languages. Karim  heard about Rotaract from his grandfather and was encouraged to join when his friend Leila Kenawy became president.  What he loves about Rotaract is planning projects and their execution with the motive of contributing positively to the community, and of course the cool people he meets on the way. Following his love of kids Karim’s second career choice would have been working in children educational projects. He likes reading, jogging, fishing, swimming and scuba diving. His favorite animals are dolphins, and his favorite fruit is mango. 
Menna Arafa
Profession: Assistant to Chair of the Accounting Department at AUC
Position: Past President 2014/2015 , (Member since 2011)

Menna Arafa works at AUC, assistant to chair at the Accounting department. She joined Rotaract right after her graduation in April 2011. Menna’s motive for joining Rotaract was to fulfill her role towards the community. The project she chose as her favourite was blanket distribution. Menna is organised but when it comes to creativity the sky is her limit.
Saja Fathy
Profession: Architect
Position: Member (since 2011)

Saja’s enthusiasm to change the world, was the driving reason for many club projects and her touch for details always added this special extra to them. Without her, many of our ad hoc projects such as the Sohour Tareek, would have never taken place and participation in RYLA wouldn’t have been the same. One thing you really need to know about her: give her enough personal space!
Sarah Aboulmagd
Position: Past President 2008/2009, (Member since 2007, )

Sarah Aboulmagd is one of the founders of Cairo Royal, as well as the club's second President. She studied business at the American University in Cairo, and was always active in various extracurricular activities, but her passion for development and making a difference in the world is always what stands out most. She is a free spirited person with a very strong yet extremely sweet and caring personality which is obvious from the first time you meet her. She is very much geared towards health, exercise, and overall well being, in addition to being a very skilled dancer.
Sarah Allouba
Profession Architect/ Interior Designer
Position: Member (since November 2012)

Graduated from architecture in 2007, and now doing her masters in interior design in Florence, Italy. Sarah worked as a landscape architect, architect and interior designer. Her hobbies are traveling, reading and painting. It's through Laila Kenawy, our past president and her cousin that she heard about rotaract and she decided to join. What she loved the most about rotaract is "El Heiz project" and the social events. Wouldn't she be the great interior designer she is today, we could have seen her doing her second passion as a dolphin trainer.
Shireen Wissa
Profession: Finance
Position: Member (since 2009)

Shereen is 24 years old, graduated from AUC in 2010, majoring in finance and minor in economics, she did her masters in finance at Umass Boston, working in CI Capital as an Equity Analyst covering real estate stocks. She loves traveling and exploring the world, her trip to China was the highlight of her masters. She is a member of an international organization of food tasting. Her favorite dish is shawerma. She joined Rotaract in 2010 because She felt the need to serve the community and develop her skills in leading and cooperating. She is currently the secretary of the club, been engaged in a lot of international projects and joined Boston Rotaract club for a year, bringing more experience and projects to our club. Shireen is always a close member to most of us with  her lovely sense of humor and warm heart.
Yasmine AbdelHady
Profession: Computer Science
Position: Member (since January 2014)

Yasmine is now working as a Microsoft intern. She was graduated from GUC business information. She knew about Rotaract from her cousin Abdallah. She joined as a guest back on June 2013. She has got pinned as a member on January 8, 2014. She loves technology and fashion. About her future plans, she's considering shifting career to something related to fashion :)