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Maktabti 4: Body Parts Presidents Birthday Maktabti 5: Blood Donation Campaign Maktabti 6: Food Pyramid Maktabti7: at the dentists Exploring Space
Maktabti Reading Session 1 Our New Members Maktabti Reading Session 2 Halawet el Moulid Maktabti Reading Session 3 PD: Social Business Rotary Awarenss


The Egypt Trip Second Heiz Visit Third Heiz Visit Fourth Heiz Visit Family Day Fifth Heiz Visit Pinning of Lamia Arafa
Puzzle Time Completing Heiz Phase 1 Rotaract Trivia World Down Syndrome Day Celebrating Lebanon Where does Petrol come from on Volunteerism
Annual Orphans' Day Presenting Heiz at Lotus Salon Paper Recycling Team Building Games Learn how we Learn A Musical Meeting Ramadan Packing
Peace Through Service, The Last Meeting  Engage Rotary, Change Lives...our first meeting Sohour Tareek 1 Sohour Tareek 2 Elderly Iftar Sohour Tareek 3 Volunteering with Le Baladna
Recyclobekia Heiz Phase 2 Bring a Friend Day Puzzle Time Halloween Party The Games That People Play Celebrating Lebanon
Violence Against Women Making Better Pictures Christmas Party At the National Cancer Institute Blanket Distribution in Hoteya    


Annual Orphan's Day - April 2012 Alex el Nozha Treasure Hunt
April 2012
Ramadan Packages
July 2012
Ramadan Pack Distribution Fayoum
August 2012
Club Iftar Outing
August 2012
Alexandria Iftar
Sohour Tareek
Elderly Iftar at la Femme Nouvelle
Cairo Iftar Twinning Pinning of Directors Armenia Celebration Green Architecture
Old Cairo Tour
A Special Meeting Breast Cancer Awareness Session Halloween Party District Governor Vist RYLA Egypt Orphans Day Merry Christmas
First Heiz Visit New Year with La Femme Novelle Elderly Home