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Diabetes E-Cookbook
Year Book 2013/2014
Year Book 2012/2013
Rotaract Cairo Royal Info Kit 2012-2013
Rotaract Cairo Royal Info Kit 2013-2014
Rotaract Trivia
Ramadan Around the World
Rotaract Promotional Card in  Arabic
Rotaract Handbook
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Rotaract Promotional Card
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Rotaract Visual Identity Guidelines

Signage Systems- Lamia Arafa
Green Architecture - Abdallah Tawfic
Endangered Species- Aya el Kady
Quality of Meat - Laila Kenawy
World Water Day - Arpi Khatcherian
Autism- Aicha Masrali
Renewable Energy - Mahmoud Megahed
Learn How We Learn- Karim el Mofty
The Log Frame- Laila Kenawy
Domestic Violence- Yosra Adly 
Making Better Pictures- Mohamed Kharbotly
Kenya- Yasmine Abdelhady
Lebanon-Hussein Fakih
Social Business- Laila Kenawy
Republic of Haiti- Ahmed AboulEla
What is Rotaract- Ahmed Nabil
Project Proposal Wirting- Laila Kenawy
Zimbabwe- Lydia Atef
How to Plan a Successful Service Project- Colette Frege
Waste Water Treatment- Abdallah Tawfic
Problem Tree - Laila Kenawy
Project Planning- Laila Kenawy
Community Psychology- Mona Amer
How to Turn an Idea into Business- Yara Eid
Earth Rocks- Gebril Saleh
6 Thinking Hats- Nadinne Aboul Magd
Creative Writing- Alaa Abdel Rahman
Leadership: Leading the I- Abdel Rahman Ayman
Leadership: Creative Thinking- Farida El-Gendi
Biotechnology - Aicha Massrali
How Airplanes Fly- Shady Alfons
Interact Celebration Trivia - Hussein Rashad
History of Chocolate - Helen Vanooteghem
Email Etiquette - Menna Arafa
Cognitive Coaching - Active Listening - Kelsey Bull